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Delivered at Steve's Mass of the Resurrection at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Plymouth, Wisconsin, on October 2, 2000 by Aunt Marysue. These words were composed by Steve's family in the days after he died. Click to enlarge pictures.  

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When I look out and see all of you here now, you’re all a truly wonderful site.   Each one of you has a connection to Steve and probably most of you have a story or special thought that you will be sharing with each other.   Steve’s family ask that all of you please take the time over the coming days to share these wonderful memories with Steve’s parents, Bud and Denise.    I know they would love to hear from all of you – I know that they would consider it a most precious gift. We, Steve’s family, over the last few days, have jotted down a few meaningful thoughts and we would like to share them with all of you now.

My first recollection of Steve as a real person was our camping trip to Black Moshanan when I gave him a bath in my green van.  Then I introduced him to “real” cereal  - cocoa puffs – and he was never the same after!  I loved Steve and was proud of how he loved me and my family and always respected me.  I’ll miss him especially when we go camping and I’ll remember him always for the fun we had at the campfire.

You and the elephant will always be with me.  I’ll always remember those yucky  salamanders – you always made me touch them (gross!)  I love you with all my heart.

I sorrow for the loss of the possibility of Steve.  I wish his dreams and plans had seemed more attainable and his problems less insurmountable.   I will always remember the past and I will never forget what should have been.  I only hope that you have found the peace you were looking for.  You are loved and you will be missed.

Steve – to help myself through this very difficult time the thought has dawned on me that I need to focus on a positive.  I intend to constantly remind myself of one  thought:  Steve you are now at peace.  You are up there smiling with God and I know you are waiting to greet each of us - and one day, I look forward with a happy heart when we will all be together again.  I hope that your special Aunt provided you with some happy, peaceful times.

I was fascinated by his drooping, bobbling baby head.  Before he was born, Denise let me hold some little snail crabs she kept as pets and I was scared and dropped them.  I was so scared I’d drop Steve the same way.  Steve was always full of energy and I want to remember him that way – smiling, happy and full of hope for the future.

Not having my own child, I cannot imagine the deepest pain of losing an only son.  But I know of One who can.   God suffered the giving of His only son, and it was not by accident or unknown tragedy.  He did so willingly, with all his heart, so that all might have the gift of eternal salvation through our trust and faith in Him.  I just pray that all of us here can believe in that truth with all our hearts, so we can all share in Jesus’ gift of “peace that transcends all understanding” as we continue to cope with missing Steve here on earth in the days and years ahead.  I love all of you, my family in Christ.

Godson Steve, you preferred to be called Steve the past many years, but I also will remember you when you called yourself Stephen.  When you were a happy-go-lucky, bouncing, fun loving blond-haired little boy.  I would come up to Sandy Lane and sleep in your bedroom and we played with all your neat stuff.  You are, you were, my Godson, a responsibility I took very seriously.  You now are in Heaven, and I will include Stephen, my Godson, in my prayers, and will love you forever.

The thing I appreciated most about Steve was his sensitivity to the emotions and needs of others.   I always will marvel at his ability to receive the greatest joy from the simplest gifts and acts of kindness of others.

Steve had an inner joy and innocence that was beautiful!  There was a sincere and loving heart within him.  I cherish the times we spoke and exchanged our feelings.  I loved to see his drawings and artwork – he was a creative and sensitive artist with much talent and potential.  His “soul” was in his work.  I love him and will truly miss him.  My Godson was a special and beautiful young man.


From the Pazur cousins:
There are so many memories that we all shared and remember with love.  But one sticks out in our minds.  We all played many games in our Pap-pap’s garage with the “old yellow foam ball” that had been there as long as we remember.  A few years back, one of the few times in the recent past that we were all together, we re-discovered the old foam ball.  Although we were all approaching adulthood, we reverted to childhood one last time and had a game of intense dodge ball in Pap-pap’s basement.  The yellow ball is still around, but certainly not in one piece.  However, it embodies the memory of the childhood and love we all share, and those memories of our closeness as children will be in our hearts forever and will help us to keep that closeness despite the unavoidable distance that adulthood brings.  We love you, Steve.

And finally, one last, very special remembrance:

Steve – the last time we played pool, I won the first game – a lucky shot.  The second game you easily won.  We agreed to play the deciding game when we were together again.  I will be there and I will tell you to rack them up – it is my break!  Love you, Pap Pap. 

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