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August 2, 1982 to September 27, 2000

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2 years, Kindergarten, 8th Grade, Junior

' my memory rests...
but never forgets
 what I lost...
Wake me up when September ends'.
                                             Green Day


Steve is still remembered with this turtle (remember Duncan and Malley?) on the 7th Sept. 27th since he went away. He was in our mailbox anonymously today. Thank you so much. 



When the Sun still shines brightly
If less brilliantly now
Because itís fallen in the sky
And seen through turning leaves,
That the Autumn winds now rustle
And rest upon the browning grass -
Then thatís the time for me
To again go look for you.

These old boots laced
Six years now I know
I start onto the path
Of three thousand counted steps.
Though more each time than last
Or my pace has slowed a bit
Or my heart just canít bear
To reach its never end.

Down the gravel road
Through the field and woods
There, itís always there
Even when Iím not.
I lay upon the ground
Talk to tops of trees
That gathered all around you
When you said goodbye.

But goodbye to whom?
Daddy longlegs on your brow?
Did you whisper to these trees?
Or to the pale blue sky?
And did you linger then?
And do you linger now?
Is there any part of you
That this breeze can bring to earth?

I will wait a little while
As I always do
Then trudge back down the way
Always looking back, and
Visit this holy place again -
Iíll never quit this insane hope.
Iíll probably never touch you, son
But could I touch your soul?

-                                                       - B. Pazur




Self Portrait

This is me, regretting nothing
A message from above, and from below
I believe in never
I believe in all the way
Iím only seen swiftly
Only revealed at night
My journey inside the glass walls of time
The end? There is none.
Just comings and goings, seeing nothing
Contorted mind, impossible to understand
Skin to protect my insides
From earthly assailants
You see I am who I know
I am a marauder
A knife thrower
Reliving a handful of the same lives
Forever lost inside myself.

                                 -Steve Pazur


CourtneyPic.JPG (24614 bytes)...You are in front of the pond
The one where you were born
Its clear water sparkles at you  
It is very bright
So many sparkles
Now you are in your pond
And you are happy. *

*From the poem The Dream  by Steve, 1999.


 Cemetery Memory Book and Cemetery Marker
"I fear sometimes it was a product of my mind but I saw your face last night..."
To Someone Who Thinks We Should Think About You Less
More Drawings
- Line Art

Sean Sagal -
we will miss you

Steve Art

Message From Steve (Audio)


A Father's Story - published in AFSP Newsletter
A Mother's Story - published on NMHA Website
(these stories authored by Steve's parents)