Sheena's Story
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On Halloween weekend or close to it, me and Steve and Sam G. all went to Steve's house one night. Steve was so excited to take us through his "homemade haunted house." The only way we could walk through it was if we went first and Steve pushed us through. Steve was scaring us and telling us how scary it was. So we went in the basement in a dark room (I think it's the only one with a cement floor) and he started pushing us through. We got to a pole or whatever (something like that) and he yelled and pushed us forward. Then he turned on the lights and said, "Told you it was scary." We just laughed. He scared us by nothing, just his words made us scared. He had ways like that.

Some lines from Steve to me:

"Sheena, Sheena! There's liquid in my car!" (meaning there was a full Mountain Dew can in there)

"Sheena, give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk through these doors right now." (walking out of school)

You know as well as all of us that Steve is free now and he won't be weighed down by sadness anymore.

Wile all of us were at Curtis' house on Thursday, 9/28/00, a monarch butterfly was flying around the house. Many saw it and pointed it out to me. It was there when we came at 9 a.m., and before we all came to see you, it was still there flying about the yard. Steve will be seen in many things.

With my sympathy,