Molly's Story
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Steve was a great friend to many people. There were so many people who cared about him, including me. I loved Steve so much. He really was one of my good friends even though we didn't get to talk as much since the beginning of the school year. But when we did talk, he would always find some way to make me laugh. Him and his funny facial expressions that he always had when he told you something. I just keep thinking of all of the good memories that I made with him...Steve always called me Malice. That was my nickname from him (he had nicknames for everyone). And one day in American Lit class, he came up to me and said, "Hey Malice...I named my turtle after you." And I asked him what its name was, and he told me "Malley." He said it was a mixture of malice and molly. And he always had this habit of taking my sandal off my foot and running with it around the room, or he'd throw it somewhere and start laughing. It was really funny, especially since it came to be a daily routine. the funniest moment that I can remember was another day in American Lit. It was Steve, Jessy, and I, and Steve had this thing with taking off my sandal and putting it on his foot, and then he'd give me his sandal for me to wear. When I put his sandal on my foot, I must have looked really funny, because all three of us just busted out laughing. We were practically crying. So now, Jessy and I always think of that moment when we get sad. It will make us smile.