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My memories of Stephen W. Pazur

Steve and I started going with one another in the middle of May(2000). He was a smart, humorous, good looking, fun loving guy to be with. He always made sure you were in a good mood by saying little stupid things that you couldn't help not to laugh at.He also constantly asked you what you're thinking about. He would stare at you, squint his big blue eyes, and try to guess, if you wouldn't tell him. Then, eventually if you still wouldn't tell him what you were thinking, he'd get mad and then you couldn't help not to tell him.

He had his own way to go about things. Once he had his mind set on something, you could never change it. He was also very time-consistent. He was never late. He was very organized. His clothes were always hanging in his closet or folded neatly in his dresser. His bed was always made, and if it wasn't, he'd make you help him do it.

I remember one day his mom wanted us to go grocery shopping for her. Steve didn't wanna go, but I bugged him enough that he gave in. We went into town at Piggly Wiggly, picked up buns, mustard, ice, soda, and brats. We went back home and Steve and I went up to the top of the hill in his backyard and fried out three brats. We fought over who knew how to cook the brats the best. We pushed each other around for awhile and then settled down to eat the brats. Steve had two and I had one.

On the 4th of July, Steve and I were supposed to eat supper and light off some fireworks that his parents had gotten. It ended up that we left home and went to Sheboygan by his friends Brad, Jenn, J.J., and Angie to watch the fireworks on the beach. Brandon Meyer was also with us. Oh, yeah...on the way out to Sheboygan, Steve lost one of his hubcaps off of his car. He was pissed cuz we didn't know when/where it came off. I actually thought it was kinda funny.

I also remember going out to Parnell Tower one day. Brandon was with us and we had to meet Brad H., Jenn, and Angie out there. We started walking, and when we got to the top, Steve pulled out his little pocket knife and carved "JONES" in the wood.

On July 11th after my Driver's Ed class, Chuck, a good friend of both me and Steve, drove me out to the house. Later on, Mitch (Jones) and Tonya came over. Steve and Mitch cleaned and washed their cars, while I was in the kitchen making the guys spaghetti and Tonya watched. After they were done with their cars, we sat down and ate together. I made a mess with the sauce and made Steve clean it up :=)

Steve almost always had to play a game of pool by himself every time I was there. He tried to get me to play with him all the time, but I wouldn't cuz I suck at the game. So I would either sit on the couch in the next room and listen to him sing along to the song that was playing, or I'd just stand in the room with him and just watch him.

I'll miss him very much. I will always have feelings for him. I'll never forget the wonderful times we've shared. He was a very special person to me. It was a pleasure to get to know and love Stephen W. Pazur.

I'll always and forever love you, Steve!