From Steve
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Click below for a message from Steve - this is an actual small portion of the tape Steve made the day he left us.



Below is just something his Dad made up (wishful thinking):

Hey everyone Ė

I just want to let you know Iím still around. You just have to look. You can find me in all the old places Ė at school, at the campsites, in the stores and parking lots. You can see me on the roads we cruised - Iíll have the seat back and the music loud. Iím in the sky, the wind, the animals and the trees.

          Where we were once together, look past the emptiness you feel right now Ė Iíll be there beside you. When you are all just hanging out, listen for my laugh. When you hear a song I liked, smile Ė Iíll be smiling too.

          And when itís quiet, listen for my voice, softly calling your name. Talk to me, Iíll always listen. Tell me how youíre feeling - Iíll understand.

          Carry my picture, remember the good times we had, and Iíll always be a part of you. We will be together again someday. And we will be Jones forever.

Your Friend,


Note: The above message was composed by Steve's dad, and left at his gravesite in the months following his death