Beth's Story
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I have a lot of great memories of Steve.

 I remember playing pool in his basement for hours together. I remember sitting in his room and listening to music.

On Valentine's Day, we went out to eat and we had extra time before reservations, so we drove around in Mauthe Lake campground. We got going on a patch of ice and slid onto a rock. Steve and Mitch had to get out and push us off.

I'll never forget you.


Beth S.



I have many memories of Steve. But my fondest was when we took Beth and Steve out to eat at China Buffet. When Junias went up to get a second plate of food, Beth put salt in his soda. Steve thought she was so mean and couldn't believe she would do such a thing. Then we explained that this kind of joke was a regular occurrence at our own home. We all ended up having a great laugh when Junias finally took a drink of his salt soda. God be with you, Steve.


Linda and Junias