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The following untitled poem was found in Steve's bedroom the day after he died.

A man sways by the trees
Trying to avoid the bees.
Hoping for the absence of hope.
Searching for what might never be found.


The poems below were written by Steve in his Sophomore year of high school.


My blood
Being similar to theirs'
All trees related to all trees
All tortoises related to all tortoises
Know your family, and know yourself
They are faded, framed
Forms fading in the distance
Who can sometimes be trusted
Without thinking
They're the other half of me
They soothe and heal
They held my life
Until I took it
They give you remembrances
So you know who you are
And so you won't feel


If / Then

If all was darkness
Then all would be equal.

If everyone thought alike
Then the world would destroy itself.

If you ate frog eggs and they hatched in your belly,
Then they would mature into lizard-like creatures.

If plants knew that we would eat them,
then they would rebel and take over da world.

If I had a bubble machine
Then I would live happily for the rest of my life.


Is your own safe being
Shelter from reality
Escape from pain
The real world
Is a distant, vague image



Silence is far away
A soothing voice
Far away
We know it exists
But not when
So, in agony, we rip off our hands
Tear free our minds
Escape our destiny
To pass the time
But when time stands still
It cannot pass
So we wait
In despair


Below is a note to Nicky P. referencing Tolkien. Click to enlarge the image.

NickyNote96.jpg (115015 bytes)



They curse the pixy stix
They slice up faces, those blue ones
This planet of the blue people
Running wild, trapped
In the mind of the all-knowing
Waging war over
The blueness of their skin
Of who gets an occasional
Ride on the salamanders
Hate will drive them to escape
Who is better. Who is incorrect.
Are these the battles of our time?
The only solution is the hourglass
If thought wrongly of, if ignored,
The world will perish quickly,
Faster than it exploded outward
A few minutes ago, it seems
So be careful where you go, what you say
And be wary, be ready
The Battle is about to begin.



Who have all
They are the secret
The secret of our minds
They speak to us
In a language we can hear
Imagine living inside
Inside one of them, a big one
All the colors, textures, realness
The only other thing that is needed
The only other necessary element
Is silver hair dye
Living in the watermelon
With all those happy black seeds
Smiling in your direction
Shiny silver hair
All the happiness
Nice watermelon seeds
Surrounding me
Deep inside the melon.



Little blue people eat little green frogs
And poems rhyme
As the slime
Oozes from the frogs green flesh
Why? Because it was always like this
And will forever be somehow the same
So look into the future
When alien flashes burn into our skin
And ancient trees are ripped
Apart from themselves
And our world explodes
And we fall up into space
We will be lost
We will be gone
Is now the end of time?
Then we will understand
Because the true meaning of time
Will finally be understood.